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I always had an idea of getting investment property but never really had the push to execute it.

Ray reached out to me at the right time and we started working on it. He gave the push and encouragement that i needed, backed by his current real estate knowledge and with his dads financial expertise. We were able to secure the funds in no time. A month or two later we were already looking at properties. Ray was relentless. We checked out a bunch of places in different municipalities until we found the best one. He let me take my time in all of them. Never felt rushed through the process, replies right away and very professional in every way. He was knowledgeable in pointing out pros and cons. Pointed out possible issues and revenue streams. Once we finally found a place I wanted to put an offer in. He was able to negotiate a price under asking. For a new investor, i felt this was huge. After closing, he was also able to find a suitable tenant right away. Overall, im very impressed and happy with the whole experience. I recommend Ray to anyone looking for an investment property or any property in general. Can’t wait to buy our next one!


Ray can do it all.

He provided us with expert advice on the foundation of the properties (since he was in the contractor business before) to helping us close several related transactions in a few weeks. Ray was the buyer agent for our new place and the leasing agent for our rental units. He’s been put in super tough situations and has always managed to stay calm and help guide us through the whole process. After going through several agents, we are glad we found Ray and highly recommend him!

David S

Thank you Ray for helping us get our permanent home and lease out our places!

You went out of your way to make things smooth. We really appreciate it.

Angela Lee

Ray was always so patient throughout the process when we were looking for an investment property!

Very fortunate to have found Raymund as a realtor and highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks Raymund for everything!!! :)

Jennifer Moreira

Ray was responsible for both the purchase of our new home as well as selling our old home and both my wife and I are VERY happy on how Ray was before during and after the transactions.

There are so many realtors out there but so crucial to have one who really WORKS for you and is transparent to give you both sides of the story and tell you if you’re making a good decision. Ray certainly did all of these and more! Did I tell you he’s also an all-around nice guy who will bend his back for you just because? That’s Ray and that’s real. On the buy side he was strategic and kept us in the loop ALL THE WAY, even popping at our doorstep to discuss before going back. Got us the best possible purchase price and we won on offer night without overpaying. Even the selling party got to know him by name because he was such a nice guy! Ray took the time to see things through to the end. On the sell side Ray was even more strategic. Researched and came up with a perfect listing price, got great stagers to really showcase our old home’s features, and got us a strong buyer within a week. We were away on vacation and Ray felt it best to time the list then and made sure things were in order and kept in touch every day. We got the best offer which was very close to our target. Had we waited a few days later we wouldn’t have gotten the results we had. And that’s because Ray did his homework. Again Ray made sure he saw this to the very end. Ray gave advice - very thoughtful and solid advice on a wide range of topics from bidding to listing and industry in general, and I can’t remember when other realtors in my past have ever done the all the things Ray did. Ray manages to surprise you when you least expect it too, and that leaves you knowing he cares what happens with you and that’s just him being a great human being. All around - Raymund Aguilar is the one of a kind realtor you NEED to champion for you buy or sell. He answers your calls and texts right away, he will make time for you. He’ll even help you do small projects because he’s a nice guy to begin with. I couldn’t ask for a better realtor to have in your corner to stick up for you and make sure your interests are honoured. Ray’s the realtor you’ll be buddies with when you’re done. So what’s stopping you from calling him? Do it now!

William Lee

Ray is a gem!

He helped us with our home search last year, and i have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. Felt more like a friend and partner instead of an agent. i didn’t feel like i was dealing with someone who had their own interest in mind. The real estate market seems harsh, and cutthroat, but Ray managed to simplify everything and made it all seamless. He was just as enthusiastic as we were when it came time to view listings. He encourage us to get in the market at the right time as well.He was just as invested as we were when it was time to bid on properties. I would highly recommend for any homebuyer or seller!

Awwal Alagabi

We approached Ray approximately 10 months ago to start the process of purchasing our first home.

We had zero experience in the realty world of things and Ray was patient enough to walk us through the process. He had given us the reality of the journey and did not sugar coat or sweet talk us into anything that was not beneficial in rooting our family into a home. If you're looking for a straight-up, patient, advocate, gem hunter realtor then RAYtheREALTOR is your guy. Thank-you for answering all our questions, your guidance, support, and finding us our First Home! You only get that "first-feeling" of opening YOUR front door for the first time ONCE, and we're ecstatic that Ray was part of that.

Mary Anne Ducut-Moochun

Best realtor I have ever had and I buy and sell homes for a business - he is very honest and can negotiate like a hawk so I would highly recommend him!


Bullish Bear


Made buying a house such a breeze! I was new to home buying, and have heard horror stories from friends and family about terrible agents. Ray was professional and personal!He never made us feel uncomfortable and helped me every step of the way! Ray explained everything in a way that was easy to understand from the making the offer, to working with the mortgage broker and the lender. This made it really easy to move into our new place in less than 3 month. Reply

Geronne Salamat

Raymund definitely became one of my favourite person to have worked with.

Passionate and very approachable. He took us out of our comfort zone but if he didn't do that, we wouldn't have gotten our unexpected dream house. He already had a game plan and has excellent knowledge of the current market. I don't know how he managed to stay calm as he was dealing with wedding planning, dumb questions and making him drive 6 hours every visit we requested for. I couldn't be happier and recommend him as he has all the tools and peers that will go beyond all expectations of getting your property. Thanks for being so positive and making us laugh along the way. You've made a new friend!

mi4 ke

Always a pleasure working with Ray!

Looking forward to our next transaction together!

Alessandra Ocampo

5/5 STARS!

! We couldn’t explain how we got so lucky with Ray. Now we believe that everything do happens for a reason. We didn’t expect to pick our first home so quick! Thanks to Ray who was able to help us find the perfect home for our family. He made sure that our needs and wants are met when viewing houses. He also pointed the pros and cons of each houses to help us make the best decision without bias. He also made sure that we are not losing any opportunities when picking a home. Because of his construction background, he was also able to do on the spot inspection which was very helpful. Not only we found our first home, but we also found a new friend! If you are looking for the perfect realtor agent who will be there with you throughout the process, look no more. Raymond is the person you need! Also thanks to Ray for helping us find the perfect mortgage broker, Charles. The whole transaction was so smooth thanks to the perfect duo. P.S. he is also the best unicorn toy giver if you are looking for one. :) So Ray, hot tub is ready for you when you are!


Ray is a hardworking, down to earth, and most importantly, honest dude who will get the job done.

I was skeptical at first but I can now confirm he is a 100% gem within the GTA real estate industry.

Dave Chen

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